Josh and Nyambe's Union!

I had the pleasure of Journeying with Josh and Nyambe from their Engagement to their wedding day this past year. They are a couple who is committed through it all. They also know how to party lol! I had a blast keeping up with them and making some memorable images! Enjoy!!

Creative..Curious.. and Spiritual

Had a great time capturing my friend Taylor last month. Wanted to make portraits of her so i asked her to describe herself in three adjectives. We started with that and a couple of great locations which are kinda tucked away but worth the hike. This shoot gave me a chance to incorporate some outdoor flash photography which I'm really enjoying lately. Taylor was really invested in the shoot and gave me a lot of effort even to the last shot, which i appreciate!

Street Photography

I've been focusing on street photography, particularly street performers. Men who share their art or music with the world. Along with other street stuff, public transportation, social interaction. Men who drift. I think I look for myself in my subjects. I relate to these images, funny how that happens lol.

Sahr and Tierra Lebbie Wedding

It was an experience photographing Sahr and Tierra's Wedding in New Bern, North Carolina this past March. I can tell from the way their family and friends all admired this couple that they were truly influential. They reflected the love of Christ and this was evident all through out the wedding weekend. As for the cross-cultural experience of their Seralione Traditional, nothing short of a rich sense of respect and romance! Congrats to the Libbie's!!